Guest – S.J. Maylee

Thank you so much for having me. I’m super excited that this story is finally out, but I’m nervous about letting my heroine interview me. Eek! Okay, since she stuck with me until the end of her story, she deserves to have her say. Oh boy. Let the fun begin.

Hi everyone, I’m Jane Shavers, the heroine from IN THE BLIND. One of my candidates has an interview in a little bit. So, let’s get right to it. SJ, first question: Why couldn’t I have met Rob before I met Adam?

Well, It certainly would have made it a lot easier on you, but I fear things would have ended very different if I messed with the timing of everything and I do not believe you’d like the new ending at all. I know Adam left you feeling vulnerable, but he also put you in a position to figure out what you really wanted.

You’re right. We all have our own journey, even you. I must say, I appreciate that you took the time to get to know me. It must have taken some finagling to figure out the right path for all involved.

You’re most welcome and you’re so right. I faced many road blocks once I got to the middle of your story, nothing I wrote felt quite right. Once I quieted my nerves and listened to your queues, the words started to flow. I must also thank you for being so patient. I started writing your story long before writing TAKING COURAGE.

I was patient, but it might have been kind of selfish on my part. I wanted a HEA so very badly.


You’re a smart woman, Jane. That is a big reason why I made you wait. You deserved a perfect HEA. You know there are several corners of Club Blind that I want to get to know better.

I’d like to share more of your happy ending in the next book in the series. Would that be okay?

Yes! I know what I’d like to see happen. Can I tell you now?


Sure, whisper it in my ear. *SJ leans in* Oh, that’s perfect. Thank you, Jane.

Thank you, SJ. I’d ask you more questions, but I need to get to that interview. My business is really growing now. See you later.

You’re welcome, Jane. I’ll always be here for you.

In the Blind 200x300

In the Blind (Club Blind #1)

by: S.J. Maylee

Genre: Erotic Romance with D/s

Length: Novella

Published: October 15, 2014

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-77233-066-3



Jane thinks she’s ready to take the risks her business and love life desperately need. Rob’s still punishing himself for a broken relationship that wasn’t meant to last. When the pair let an opportunity pass them by, fate steps in and throws them back together.

An evening of pitch black unrestrained passion at Club Blind opens her eyes to life’s possibilities. Now, if they don’t fight past their personal demons, they might never truly discover what they need most. If they can open their hearts, it might lead them directly to each other where they can discover their truth. If not, they may forever stay in the blind.

Where you can find IN THE BLIND:


Evernight Publishing | Amazon | All Romance eBooks | BookStrand




The door continued to open every few minutes. Finally, the woman in front of Jane was taken away. She could see nothing past the door besides black. Until the door closed, she continued gazing into the darkness. How would the loss of sight change the experience? Would she feel more? What would he feel like? Nerves shook through her limbs, and sweat tickled her palms.

The door opened, and she stood straight as a statue. This was crazy. She searched for pockets in her robe. When she found none, she swallowed back a curse.

The escort stopped in front of her. “Are you having second thoughts?” He shifted the goggles higher on his forehead.


“Would you like to step back and wait to go or …” He stepped back and cracked the door open. “Sometimes it helps to hear the sounds of the other participants.”

She closed her eyes and took in the moans and let her mind drift to what her body would feel like to make her make those kinds of sounds.

“I don’t want to pressure you. Tell me what you want.”

“Thank you.” She opened her eyes and took a step towards him. The only way was forward. “I’m ready.”

“Good for you.” He reached out and took hold of her hand. “Come on, I’ll take you to the lucky one, for tonight.” He winked and tugged her forward.

Once the door closed behind them, Jane was surrounded by unending black. She looked around, but there was nothing, no end to the darkness. A nervous shiver danced along her spine, followed by thoughts of haunted houses. What would she find around the next corner? Her escort tugged her forward, bringing her back to the night’s purpose.

She needed to remember why she was here. She needed to live in the moment. There was a good chance she was about to touch the man who would give her release.

They slowed, turned a corner, and after a couple more steps they stopped. She swallowed the lump in her throat when her escort placed her hand into another’s.

“Enjoy.” He squeezed her shoulder, and she sensed his presence leave the space.

A pull on her hand forced her feet forward a couple of steps. She stopped just as abruptly when she bumped into a hard chest—the man of the hour. This man would touch her soon, but he wasn’t yet. He was only holding her hand. Her breasts moved with her uneven breathing, and her nipples scraped against his chest.

Why wasn’t he touching her? Was he nervous, too, or having second thoughts? She reached up in curiosity to make sure he wasn’t wearing a pair of night-vision goggles, but only found soft hair. She followed the section of hair to above his shoulder and continued onto smooth skin and around his shoulder to his bicep thick with muscle. Her heart thumped, and her breath quickened as moisture covered her needy pussy.

She breathed deeply, taking in his delicious musky scent. Her hand wandered to his chest and found more of the same, firm skin rounding over firm muscles. A warm hand landed over hers and held her hand tight to his chest. A nose tickled her ear.

“Do you like?”

“Yes,” she admitted.

“I’d like to explore you now, okay?”

“Yes, please.”

She pushed out the breath she held and worked to breathe normally. His hand landed softly on her cheek, fingertips caressed her chin, and then up to her temple. The gentle touches raised a long sleeping yearning within her, and she leaned into his touch.

His thumb swept across her bottom lip. Curiosity wore away her reserve, and she let her tongue reach out and taste his fingers. One digit pushed into her mouth, and she sucked lightly, enjoying his clean taste.

The finger left her mouth, a second of waiting, and then his mouth crushed down on hers. His lips were firm and demanding, feeding her hunger. He ran his fingers through her hair, and then his warm wet tongue swept through her mouth. Back and forth, deep, then gentle, their tongues dueled. She explored more of him as her need to know him intimately soared.

His touch lingered around her shoulders and down her sides. When he found her ass, he kneaded the globes. The kiss ended as abruptly as it started, leaving her wanting.

She heard nothing but the driving rhythm of the music, each track feeding right into another. The current song enchanted her, and her hips swayed. No one could see her, so there was no reason for self-conscious thoughts. The brilliance of the club hit her with full force. It didn’t matter who she was or who he was. Tonight, they celebrated life and the pleasures they could bring their bodies. Everyone deserved pleasure. Even her.

Jane 500x328


S.J. Maylee fell in love with storytelling at a young age and with it came a deep-seated desire for everyone to find their happily ever after. She’s finding the happy endings for her characters one steamy story at a time.

When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her caring for her garden, laughing with her two young sons, or dancing to her husband’s music. She’s a PMP (Project Management Professional), Nia instructor, and coffee addict.

As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together.

Blog | Twitter | Facebook Page | Google+ | Goodreads | Pinterest | Amazon Author Page



SJ’s giving away one $20 Amazon gift card and two swag packs (book covers, bookmark, pen, zipper pull, and handmade beaded keychain or purse charm with book cover charm). TO ENTER: answer the question on this blog post and then click on the rafflecopter. QUESTION: Many believe blindness can increase your other senses. What do you think it would be like to be in a pitch black club like Club Blind?

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Guest – Antonia St. Simon

Antonia is by day a professional development specialist and by night an erotic romance writer. She makes her home in Florida with her husband Andrew. This particular book has a scene that really happened to Antonia when she was in Germany with her mom! That trip inspired this little tale!! Hmmmm, which scene was it????
 Love in Lederhosen
When Silke is forced to go to Germany with her mother, she decides to put this time to good use.  Silke will find herself a man and have a delicious, no strings attached affair! There’s just one tiny problem—Horst, and he is anything but tiny. Horst, a family friend that she barely remembers, knows what he wants and is intent on fulfilling his dream. Will Silke find the orgasm of her dreams or a love she can’t live without? Leave your inhibitions at the door and find out…
Tilting her head slightly, her eyes followed his thigh past where underwear should have been and beheld the largest male organ she had ever seen nestled in a massive tuft of jet back hair. It was as if the gods had placed him here for her to practice on. How perfect was this, the plumber. A local. Ripe for the picking.
The legs moved and it seemed as if the show was over…then Silke was inwardly cursing…more movement and she was blessed with another opportunity to scrutinize the object of her first international fling.
Yes, yes, that will do nicely. The plumber’s t-shirt had now ridden up a bit to expose a flat stomach with a line of hair that seemed to point like an arrow to the Promised Land. If she could just tear her eyes away she wanted to run to the bathroom, dump out all her potions and creams and subtract the last 12 hours of travel stamped on her face.
Spinning around and forgetting about the view from the window, Silke crashed right into her grandmother, who fell back onto her mother.​
“Vat’s a matter, why are you sweating?”
Well mother, I had an eye orgasm, Silke thought, not knowing what to say.
“Horst? Is es schlim?” Oma asked the legs.
Herta sprang into the kitchen and reached between the plumber’s legs. What the hell? Silke thought, I’m not ready yet, Oma’s arm kept me from fleeing.
Sure enough, Silke’s mom reached in and took a handful of man candy. The guy sat up, whacking his head on the pipes, then laughing and scrambling to get to his feet…
“Tante Herta!”
Oh no… Tante…
Did her ears betray her, was her German so rusty…?
Did The Legs really say Aunt Herta?
Giggles erupted from behind Silke and The Penis got up and brushed past her to scoop up her mom, spinning her around.
“Silke you remember Horst. No?”
Hung like one maybe, but she never remembered anyone in the family looking like that. This couldn’t be the cousin that her grandma raised after his mom died. No, not the one who she remembered looking vaguely like Don Knotts with long, stringy, black hair and married to that bitch no one liked. What was her name? Liselle?
​This specimen before her bore no resemblance to a person she had ever seen before. Silke would’ve  recognized that if she saw it!
The last time I saw Horst he looked a little like Barney Fife and his wife resembled the woman in Babe the Gallant Pig, all doughy with a greasy, chubby face. I always wondered how she didn’t break him when they had sex or worse yet, smother him with her massive thighs when he ever went south.
Now…now…oh god I’ve seen his penis…and my grandma and mom saw me ogling him. Yuck… visual incest… my eyes were probably going fall out… especially since I was entertaining such impure thoughts.
Horst…good name for him…
Available at Evernight and Amazon!!!

Antonia St. Simon has sent you a link to a blog:
Blog: Antonia St. Simon 

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Sunshine and Grimm is out!

Sunshine and Grimm Cover

Waking up in Vegas with a hangover and a blushing bride you don’t even remember meeting is a nightmare for any man, but Alex Grimm’s situation is a bit more tricky than most. Try being a vampire with a few hundred years’ worth of secrets to keep safe who finds himself suddenly outfitted with a bubbly, blonde ex-cheerleader.

Sunshine and Grimm follows vampire detective Alex Grimm through his struggles to track down the head of a murderous organization while playing the unfamiliar role of newlywed. He has to balance torture and mayhem with gambling and requests to see the newest tearjerker flick, things his new wife would prefer to do.

He’d simply disappear into the darkness never to be seen by her again if it wasn’t for the tricky stipulation that he’s now linked to Lacy by law. The fact that she is wearing his dead mother’s wedding band is another reason for him to stick close to her side until he can figure out the easiest way to get rid of her for good.

Lacy complicates his life like no other woman ever has. She’s energetic. She’s wild. She’s the exact opposite of him and has a very misguided impression of his personality in general. She thinks his nature is close to hers. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Alex is reserved, quiet, and brooding. He doesn’t know the first thing about keeping a woman like Lacy entertained.

She’s also making his work life hell. Between sending him to interrogate a hairstylist and tagging along to brawls involving creatures she’s not even sure she believes in, Lacy makes Alex’s job worlds harder. How can he be expected to torture evil vampires for information while his unwanted wife is bouncing around behind him with animated energy?

Despite their differences and the fact that they drive each other insane, if the two of them can put their heads together, they just might make a good team. They’ll kick a little vampire ass or die trying. And along the way, they may just realize their feelings for one another reach beyond mere lust. For two people so set in their ways, falling in love might be just as difficult as catching a killer.



In less than ten minutes time at the Nocturnal Lady, Alex was involved in a brutal fight to the death. Upon entering the club, he had guided Lacy to the bar so he could scope out the building. She’d ordered two vodkas, sliding one to him along the short distance of bar that separated them. “Brings back memories, huh?” She rolled her eyes with a chuckle. “Or maybe in your case, it doesn’t.” She shrugged in amusement as she swirled the contents around in her glass. “Drink up,” she said with a wink. “I doubt it can result in anything weirder than last time.”

“I sure hope not,” Alex grunted with a voice low and gravely. They’d both downed their drinks together and slammed the empty glasses back down to the bar simultaneously. He’d felt the liquid burn its way down his throat. It was like drinking liquid sunlight. “I hate vodka,” he’d complained with a grimace.

With her face flushed from the alcohol, Lacy agreed. After that, they decided to stay away from the vodka. It made them do crazy things.

Lacy had turned to him and asked him to take her out on the dance floor. Before he could even begin to protest, he’d been grabbed from behind and thrown with inhuman strength toward the dance floor. That is where he was now, staring up at the ceiling of the Nocturnal Lady and wincing at the pain shooting up his spine from hitting the unforgiving tile. With a groan, he hefted himself off the ground to face his attacker.

He saw Lacy’s blue eyes widen in surprise, but didn’t have time to reassure her that he was perfectly fine before a boot was kicked into his gut. He stumbled backwards onto the dance floor, but finally managed to get a good look at his attacker. The fangs protruding from the man’s mouth were a dead giveaway that he was a vampire. His shirt was a ghastly orange and brown swirl of a mess that reminded Alex of vomit. His pants were brown corduroy with belled bottoms. “A vampire trapped in the seventies,” Alex observed dryly. “Not cool.”

Lacy, who had raced to the edge of the dance floor during his attack, giggled at this, seemingly recovered from her initial shock. He frowned in response. He’d been spending too much time with this little vixen. When had he ever even noticed an enemy’s outfit before, let alone commented on it? He didn’t do witty banter. He fought. He killed. He went about his day. While he was distracted by these thoughts, the vampire in 70s apparel aimed a kick at his ribs. Alex jumped to the side. He avoided the majority of the blow, the vampire’s heeled boot grazing his midsection.

Lacy watched with interest as he ducked a punch aimed at his jaw. “You need help, baby?” Alex yanked a stake from his back pocket, flipping it so the thick end rested in his palm. When the other man charged him, Alex took him by surprise by jamming the stake deep into the vampire’s chest. He watched the vampire turn to dust with grim satisfaction, then spun to Lacy. “No. I don’t need help. Like you would know what to do with a vampire.”

Lacy shrugged, unconcerned. Alex sighed, but couldn’t stop his lip from twitching in amusement as it threatened a smile. “Thank you anyway.” He glanced around them. Seeing at least two more vampires approaching, he quickly returned his gaze to her. “I’ve gotten their attention. Things are probably about to get very violent,” he hollered to her over the still pumping music. “You should get somewhere safe.” Lacy nodded. “I absolutely agree. Somewhere safe.”

To his amazement, she took five steps away from him and struck a sexy pose. Her foot started tapping, and then her head started bobbing. A moment later, her hips started swaying.

His jaw dropped in disbelief as she started dancing, her body gyrating to the music that pounded through the speakers that surrounded the room. “Lacy,” he chastised, “I said somewhere safe!”

She gave him a playful wink and turned her back on him. Her hands lifted above her head, her fists pumping the air in time to the beat of a song he’d never heard before.

“I cannot believe—” Alex’s complaints were cut short by a fist colliding with his nose. He grunted in pain, his hand moving to cover his bleeding face as he reeled backwards. “Damn it,” he growled. “That wasn’t fair.” A stupid comment, he knew. Criminals never played fair, and vampires were even worse than humans.


Guest – Lea Bronsen

I have Lea Bronsen on my blog today. Her newest release was fantastic! Very steamy and fun. I highly recommend it!

The Perfect Shoot (Hot Model Mine 1) by Lea Bronsen


Editor's Pick Photo

Thank you so much for having me on your blog!

Who hasn’t been infatuated with a sexy poster boy – actor, pop star, or football hero – even though he was unobtainable? The heroine in my Hot Model Mine series is a thriving author and hard-working mother nearing her forties. Tough, independent, and having long ago lost faith in love, she dismisses her crush on the cover model of her book to protect herself. What then can she do when that gorgeous young man surprisingly falls for her, too?

I hope you enjoy this tale of ‘impossible’ love, dead-honest and written with my heart.


When Andrea Johnson, writing as author Cindy Vega, signed up for a Meet & Greet with the cover model of her latest book, she didn’t expect sparks to fly. Yushka is dangerously good-looking and too young for her. But their connection is instantaneous, and during a photo shoot with the two, the photographer picks up on their growing attraction. Seeing the potential for the cover photo of the century, he decides to push their comfort limits…


An assistant calls Yushka’s name. Bare-chested, the Asian hunk appears from a group of models, strolls to the spotlights, and waits in front of the camera with the confident stance of a professional.

The whole place quiets as if in awe. He’s unbelievably beautiful with his tanned, bulging muscles and washboard-abs-to-die-for. When photographer Lemaître asks him to undo his hair, a black waterfall lands on his shoulders and down his back. A few muffled feminine squeals fill the silence.

One by one, authors whose books he appears on get a few pictures taken with him in flattering positions, wrapping their arms around his back or swallowed up in his embrace, beaming like schoolgirls at their first prom.

Jealousy rips through me so violently I can barely breathe, but my time is up soon, and I hate that even more. I’m non-photogenic, and seeing pictures of myself makes me sick. I’ve chosen a sexy, black top and matching short skirt for the occasion, but looking my best doesn’t help. My stomach ties in a knot.

“Cindy Vega,” an assistant calls.

Fuck, that’s me. I’m dead.

“Go,” Laurie says, giving me a small push.

All muscles tense, I leave my safe corner and join Yushka. He greets me with a placid face, but from the warmth in his pupils, I get a feeling he’s glad to see me. Side by side, narrowing our eyes from the piercing light, we face Lemaître and wait for orders.

Damn. Being so near Yushka’s naked torso is unbearable, as is the heat from the lamps shining on us. Sweat beads roll down the sides of my chest, between my breasts. He endures, too. A thin film of sweat coats his golden skin, making it glow, but he doesn’t seem bothered.

Lemaître clears his throat. “Bon. Stand a little closer. Cindy, this is for Eden Luna Publishing’s website. Officially, we want authors happily meeting their cover models, but off the record, we want sensual, we want heat. Readers will get off seeing your pictures like they do reading your books.”

Stiff as a rod, I nod agreement. I’d half expected this. Problem is, I hate being in the spotlight with so many people watching, and I hate the notion of having my photo all over the internet.

“Sooo,” he continues, “I will ask you to just stand like this, facing me, and smile. That is all. Yushka knows what he has to do.”


Turning to my side, Yushka puts a hot hand on my stomach and the other on the small of my back. Though light, his touches destabilize me, as does the warm, musky scent sneaking to my nostrils.

“Closer,” Lemaître orders. “Bodily contact.”

Shit, I’m fucked.

The stud radiates heat as he approaches, sweaty chest sticking to my arm, heart beating against my skin. His crotch barely brushes my hip, but each pore in my body becomes acutely aware of him, on high alert. As last night’s intense arousal replays in all of me, my inner thighs clench with renewed want.

Whispers and low chuckles sound from both sides of the vast lobby. I try to forget the hundred eyes following my every move, but can’t help being distracted, bathed in full light and painfully self-conscious.

“That is better.” Like a shooting gun, Lemaître’s camera clicks and the flash blinds me repetitively. “Now, give him a smile, Cindy. You know the kind I want.”

My throat so dry I can’t speak, I turn to Yushka.

He’s very near, inches from my face, black pupils gleaming with mischief. Sweat pearls on his face, making him look sexier than ever. Long, black hairs glue to his forehead and cheeks. He smells of soap, his close shave making him look baby-faced.

Seemingly at ease, the heaving of his chest regular, he stares into my eyes. I can’t believe his confidence. Modelling is his profession, but how does he stay so fucking calm?

“You wanna give me a smile?” he whispers, warm breaths brushing my chin. Behind me, his large hand sneaks lower and palms my butt cheek. With that and his other fingers splaying on my stomach, he pulls me to him, making me feel the entire length and…hardness…of his cock on my hip.

I suck in a breath.

His lips curl up in a self-satisfied grin. “Hm, Andrea? You wanna give me a smile?”

Oh my fucking God. I can’t help but obey while my insides go up in flames.

Flashing his teeth, he kneads my ass with a strong hand and pushes his full erection against me. He knows what he’s doing, the devil. He knows slowly rubbing me with his cock turns my pussy to burning liquid.

Somewhere, a feminine gasp breaks the silence, followed by contained laughter.

Très bien, we have a smile,” Lemaître says, camera clicking, flash shooting. “Thank you, Cindy, that will be enough. Next!”

Still grinning and holding my look, Yushka slowly backs off, leaving chillier air between us.

I’m frozen. In shock, lust, need.

“Come on, move it!” Lemaître calls. “We don’t have all day.”

No shit.



Evernight | | | All Romance eBooks | Bookstrand

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I like my reads fast, hot, and edgy, and strive to give my own stories the same intensity. After venturing into dirty inner-city crime drama with my debut novel Wild Hearted, I divide my writing time between psychological thriller, erotic contemporary romance, and dripping erotica.

I love to hear from my readers! Send me a mail to or meet me on:

Website | Facebook profile | Facebook page | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | Smashwords

Guest – Karen Faris

Thanks for hosting me here, Melissa, to mark the third and final book of the Grumbles the Novel series being published.

In a nutshell Grumbles the Novel is a comedic romp through a dystopian countryside filled with zany pirates, a power hungry Weatherman, three twins (and that’s not a typo!) and our love leery couple Pettie Grumbles and Hector who can never quite get together on the same page.


It’s been quite the adventure getting the story out, but now that it is, I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride. In the passage below, our heroine finds a secret stash of books and suddenly forgets all about saving the world. See if your favorite book gets a mention. Books, reading and print and how we can distinguish between reality and illusion is one of the many themes that run throughout the Grumbles Novels.

All thoughts of saving the world were off, mostly because it was still dark and nothing was happening yet, but partly because the smell of books and dust made me forget giving out sound advice to a lifetime of widget workers! A small fortune sat on neatly stacked shelves with enough reading to savor until the last Oracle crumbled under the sands of time. I touched a copy of Wuthering Heights, brought it up to my nose, and inhaled. Books. Paper. Print. Oh ho-ho! I grabbed some of the graphic novels. They would be easier to stash in the messenger bag, and worth more on the street. Sex and violence were timeless commercial commodities, even if they weren’t exactly great for the soul when coupled together. For the sake of doing things in equal measure, actual literature wouldn’t hurt either: Shakespeare, Clarissa, and Ulysses. I didn’t know a single person who’d ever read more than the cheater notes on Joyce’s brilliant but seldom-read, hardly enjoyed tome, but it was a first edition and worth a for- tune, so actual readability didn’t matter. Just give me a quiet place and a comfortable chair and a don’t-disturb-me-till-I’m- done sign, and I’ll be just fine.

“Except today’s Spudapalooza.”

I heard Telmemydoom’s voice, a speech bubble interrupting the slacker readeritis to which many-a-Grumble had succumbed. I hated that voice. “Leave me alone!” I yelled at it.

This is bad, it continued. Very, very bad.

I turned away from the late twentieth-century stories, when mysteries, celebrity memoirs, and fifty shades of vacuous prose had swayed the day, the escapist fiction for the middle class as the politicians rewrote the lay of land, plundering their industrialized nations for themselves and their financial services, robber-baron, lobbyist friends. I thumbed through a good story by a great author; it had only sold a handful of copies. Beautiful writing, but where’s the plot? I asked myself. And do we really need beauty when there’s not enough food and a billion people still drink from their potties? But isn’t that the point, I countered to myself, the transcendental nature of beauty? Even from there, I could hear Telmemydoom and The Oracle invoking themselves to get on with the attempted murder, kidnapping, and mayhem involved in saving the world.

Suddenly, a noise closed the jaws of my rusted trap thoughts. Then I heard it again, faint at first, but clearly a whistling. Next, I heard a key rattle in the lock. A second later, Toga appeared in the doorway, wide-eyed in panic, still clutching a comic book and gesticulating to the front door….

And so begins the long day for Pettie Grumbles as she goes up the mountain to meet the Weatherman and fulfill her secret agent mission by making it snow.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief excerpt.



About the author:


Karen Faris lives in Rochester NY with her husband and son. She writes a meta-fiction blog on her website based on characters from her Grumbles novels and is a contributor to Rewriting Mary Sue, a website devoted to strong women writers and role models.

She has just finished writing a sweeping family saga of love, loss and endurance entitled The Winds of Change.

Guest – Donina Lynn

I have Donina Lynn featured today. She’s talking about her new release – Curse of the Beast. She’s also giving away a $25 Amazon gift card. Check it out!


He wants revenge. She wants to save him from what he’s determined to become.

Thank you having me here today! I’m so excited to be sharing my first paranormal romance with you!

Curse Of The Beast is a story about how life can throw so much in your direction that you’re ready to wave the white flag and surrender. Grayson, our shapeshifting hero, has not only reached that point, he’s been pushed over it when his father is murdered. Grayson is alone, angry, tired of struggling and is more than ready to give up everything. That is, until, he meets the one person that can show him there is still something worth fighting for—love.

I hope you enjoy the story and make sure you take a moment to head on over and like my new Facebook author page HERE. Everyone that does is automatically entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Winner to be announced on Halloween! Good Luck!



All of his life, Grayson Blackpaw lived by the rules of the half-breeds. He heeded the warnings and fought to keep the animal within under control, only to have his father murdered by the very thing his kind could never harm. Even if it means cursing himself to spend the rest of his days as a beast, Grayson was going to find the human responsible and make them pay—with their life.

Shapeshifters exist. Summer Jenkins wouldn’t have believed it herself, if she hadn’t watched a cougar change into a man before her very eyes. It doesn’t hurt when the man is as delectable as Grayson, either. Utterly droolworthy, Grayson sends her pulse racing and her heart falling…fast. But when Grayson admits that he’s willing to give up everything for the sake of revenge, will love be enough or can nothing stop the curse of the beast?


Summer inched over on the couch until her knees brushed against his, and she placed her hand on his thigh. It was a simple gesture of reassurance but the heat of her hand seeped through the denim, branding his skin and shooting higher. Desire flooded his veins and Summer’s breathing hitched when she felt it course through him. “He wasn’t the only one to touch me in some way, Grayson.”

Beginning to slowly make her way up his inner leg, Grayson grabbed her wrist before she closed what little distance there was left. If she made it to her destination, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. He was already growing rigid in mere anticipation of her touching his length. If she actually made contact, he would lose what little restraint he held on to.

“Summer. I would like nothing more than to pull that dress up, plunge deep inside and take you over and over again, letting you know exactly how much I want you. But, we can’t. I won’t take the chance of hurting you.”

“You’re not going to hurt me. Worrying that you will is enough for me to know that you won’t.”

“You can’t know that because even I don’t. Summer, you need to understand there’s a chance I will do exactly that.” Grayson shook his head and took a breath. He wasn’t sure he could explain the constant battle of wills that had been waging inside of him for as long as he could remember, or how he’d been losing, but he needed to try. It wasn’t him just being overly cautious, there was a real danger. If he lost what little hold he had on the cougar while he was with her, he didn’t know what would or could happen. Grayson didn’t even want to think of the possibilities. “The lure of our animal halves is strong. The more we give in to them, the stronger they become. The stronger they become, the more we give in to them. Without something to stop the progression, the animal and its instincts become the predominant half and slowly overpower the human’s ability to remain in control.”

“So the worst that can happen is you shift into the cougar. I can handle…”

Grayson shook his head to cut her off. That damn stubbornness of hers was more than a little frustrating. “No Summer, you can’t. The worst that can happen is not the cougar. It’s the beast.”


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Guest – Kastil Eavenshade

Thank you for having me! I’ve been a lover of fairy tales from an earlier age. They fascinated me with their dark elements. It wasn’t until I started writing erotic romance, and Evernight created the Naughty Fairy Tales line, that I really dug into the story for more twisted and sexy elements.

For Witches & Lycans, I borrowed elements from Hansel & Gretel yet I threw in the classic big bad wolf too, but I changed the interaction because I based this one in the ‘modern’ world. This story had to be more than lost souls in the woods trailing bread crumbs until they found the witch’s candied house. This is definitely my sexiest story to date. Enjoy!



Blurb: John Hansel and Susan Gretel are spending their summer break back in Beowulf Hollow. Not that they have a choice, since their parents are footing the bill for college. With one year left until they get their degree, the couple decides to partake in one more swinger’s party outside of town, being held at a closed campground.

Susan’s got her eye on local bad boy David. A past partner, she knows what to expect from his lustful nature. That her boyfriend, John, gets a kick out of watching just makes it more enjoyable for her. But she finds out that David’s more than a sexual beast in the sack.

Armed with nothing but innate powers she never knew she possessed and her lover John, Susan’s got to fight back a threat bearing down on Beowulf Hollow. An evil that manifests every twenty-five years has come back again to lay waste to the sleepy little town in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. One that starts with a pair of grey eyes belonging to a man who knows every intimate inch of her flesh—David.

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She reached the edge of the clearing and entered the forest. She’d skirt the outside and watch as the others mingled. The incense burning, while pleasant, was starting to fog her brain.  Her fingertips danced along the bushes. Shivers ran down her spine as a cool breeze tickled her skin. A strong, possessive grip caught her from behind.

“Change your mind about Tim?” David licked her lobe.

“No.” She moaned as his hands slipped up her blouse and rested on her left breast.

“You think he’s going to be able to handle you like me? He’s just a pup.” He tweaked her nipple.

“Playing alpha dog again, David?” She chuckled before sucking in a deep breath as David’s other hand possessed her right breast. He’d always treated these swinger retreats like the men were a pack of wild animals that needed to be tamed. Only David could have a pick of the bitches like some odd commune. He watches too many macho movies and needs to be brought down to size.

Yet, her body never listened when she tried to control the situation.

“He’s watching this, you know. I told him I’d show him how a man handles a woman like you.” His tongue lapped at her throat.

“Tim?” She tried to take offense to his crass wording, but his hand traveled the length of her belly and shoved her skirt down. Fully exposed to the air, she couldn’t deny the moisture evident below. He swiped his thumb against it and hovered the digit in front of her. Her tongue darted out, tasting her sticky sweet arousal. His cock rubbed along the crack of her ass. She took his thumb into her mouth and sucked. Not only had he followed her into the woods, David had done it completely naked.

“No. I am the alpha dog.” He removed his thumb and stuck his middle finger between her moistened nether lips. “And you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

Words wouldn’t form on her lips. All the times she’d had sex with David worked to his advantage. Each inch of her skin was known to him. He could never have her, but he owned her nonetheless.

“On your knees,” he demanded.

She dropped to his command, his thick length bobbing in front of her face. Hers to caress and manipulate, she wrapped her lips around the head. David thrust in, his hand fisted in her hair. With slow precision, he fucked her mouth. She cupped and massaged his balls, but he didn’t speed up. Her coaxing did not give her the upper hand as it had before. No, his plan was slow torture, hovering between teasing and full arousal. Another shadow fell over her.