Why I Write Blog Hop

Why I Write


I was tagged in the ‘Why I Write’ blog by Karen Faris, the author of the humorous cli-fi Grumbles series. Her blog and her own reasons for writing can be viewed here: http://grumblesthenovel.com/blog/. Her series is a very interesting read about climate control (and an evil weatherman out to control the world), and she has some very interesting things to say about it on her blog. I suggest you read her letter to Congresswoman Slaughter. I found it very brave and full of great points that deserve being addressed.

As for my reasons for writing, I’m sure they are very similar to many other authors – my characters demand it! I’ve been writing since I was a girl and have thankfully never been able to deny the wishes of my characters. Once I get a story in my head, I can’t wait to get started. Whether it be young adult, horror, or romance, I find myself wrapped up in the imaginary world in which my characters live. I find myself eager to tell their stories and be a part of their lives.


For me, writing is a joy. It’s a place I can go when I’m having a bad day or a fun world to disappear into when I’m missing certain characters. Growing up, I loved reading. I never went anywhere without a book. If one of my tales can give the same level of enjoyment to even one reader, then I feel I’ve succeeded. If even a single reader feels a connection with one of my characters like I did to my favorites growing up, there is nothing more flattering in the world. So I also write for the readers. I write for the ten year old version of myself who couldn’t get enough of the fictional worlds she’d fallen in love with. I write because I enjoy it, I write because I love my characters, and I write for a future generation of authors who will one day discover this very same passion. It’s the best feeling to know you’ve created something so phenomenal from a simple idea and keyboard. Every author should be proud of what they do.


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